An engineered concept handcrafted by our Swiss Maison to bring the ultimate contactless payment and access technology to the elites’ wrists


No batteries, instant passive charge, always ready to use. Debit card functionalities. Personal European IBAN account associated. Issued by SaxoBank© and powered by MasterCard. Protected number and expiry date. Security PIN request for high value payments. Multiple currency availability. Purchase limit up to 1 million euros/dollars/pounds. Contactless Near Field Communication technology. Companion mobile App available for iOS© and Android©. Activation, Balance control, freezing and blocking through App. Cryptocurrency payment possibilities under request.


RFID/NFC security accessing technology. No batteries nor charge required. Contactless solution to open electronic locks and devices. Pairing capability with industry standards. Linkable to more than 1.000 different locks.. Car accessing for most renowned brands in selected models Safer than original RFID car keys and keyless car accessing systems. Available solutions for houses, closets, yachts, safes and panic rooms. Unblocking compatibility for computers, phones and alarm systems. Blocking possibilities if lost or stolen.


Near field communication as the safest Radio Frequency standard. 90 mm max. reading range, impossible to distance reading attempts. Military grade chip encryption, impossible to clone. No visible card number information. Personal Identification Number assigned to validate high value payments. PIN request after multiple low value payments. Highest banking security standard. Under PSD2 card Regulation. No Operating System, Unaccessible to hack remotely. Passive charge, no batteries, Waterproof IP67 rating. Works under extreme temperature conditions..


Swiss made production and craftsmanship. Pioneers in the use of 18K Gold and NFC technology.. Produced under the highest standards in Swiss luxury watch industry. Unique Ceramic milling procedure for micron tolerances. Patented surface polishing for extra quality finishing 5 axis CNC milling for precious metals and ceramics. Ergonomically design with a convenient two separate reading spots. Benchmark for luxury tech in payments.

Armillion presents the ultimate in practical luxury, incorporating state-of-the-art technological advancements.

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