Armillion is a Maison both suffused in the technology of today and respectful of the past. The traditions and legacies behind each bracelet are as valuable as the innovations that make it possible, a true amalgamation of luxury past and present.


In the 4th century BC, defending the Roman Republic from the northern Celtic Tribes raids, Rome began awarding soldiers ́ bravery in combat with the Armillae bracelets. They became a symbol of fierceness and heroism, evoking the epic Roman victory at Anio River battle (361 BC) - decided by a man-to man single combat - where the young Titus Manlius stripped two gold bracelets from a giant Gaul King after defeating him.


Rome became an Empire and the Armilla empowered the determined wrists that conquered Northern Europe, Asia and Africa, expanding this fascinating symbol that persisted honouring prowess and courage of the novel heroes in the rise of new civilisations and empires for centuries. Since then, the Armilla enlightened Kings, Queens and Royals from the early Middle Ages to the present Monarchies, from Prince Andrei of Grand Duchy of Vladimir (cradle of the Russian Empire in the 12th century AD), King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland (17th century) up to the Queen of the United Kingdom, Elisabeth II.


The transmission of traditions is in the roots of Switzerland and its people, deeply committed to maintain the essence of their inheritance. The expertise in Banking, jewellery, engineering and watchmaking has been improved generation after generation. Today, Armillion is keeping the tradition alive, mastering all those competences in a single bracelet that brings the Armilla to the 21st Century, as a symbol of courage in the accomplishment of success with the ultimate technology in payments and access.


Now it is time to narrate your own story, the detailed epic of your determination - beautifully engraved in a bracelet - like ancient civilisations did. Be bold and evidence your wealth above any black card. Prove that you are part of a selected elite, distinguished with the avant-garde limitless payment technology shaped in a gold or titanium ceramic bracelet that will become a family heritage to the generations to come.

A journey of centuries through an extraordinary craftsmanship precision to the ultimate technology

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