The legacy of

Armillion is a brand both suffused in the technology of today and respectful of the past. The traditions and legacies behind each bracelet are as valuable as the innovations that make it possible, a true amalgamation of luxury past and present.

The first "Armilla" was created to honor the epic battlefield bravery of Roman Generals, in the 2nd Century BC.


The legacy of Heroes

When conquering northern territories, Roman Generals came across the traditions of bravery and valour of the northern tribes,
signified among the Celts with golden bracelets around their forearms.

Inspired by the heroism of the newly conquered people, the Roman Army their own honor, the Armilla.
These bronze or golden bracelets were symbols of heroism awarded to those capable of the most valiant deeds, paragons of ancient masculinity.

Today, Armillion is keeping that tradition alive.


The legacy of Geneva

Geneva is the city of banks, ateliers and fine jewels, a place that both produces some of the finest luxuries known to man and safeguards the wealth to buy them.

Engineers, bankers and artisans have been living side by side in Geneva for centuries and it took only a spark of inspiration to bring about a jewel,
engineered with the precision of a fine watch that provides both security and access to your money in equal measure.

That Spark was Armillion.


The legacy of Luxury

Every Armillion bracelet is produced with the expertise of true masters in their field. Whether it’s design, golf refinery, ceramic engineering, engraving or micro-assembly, there are no better craftsmen than those of Armillion.

Every Armillion bracelet has a different spirit, born passionate development and expertise channelled into each new creation.
This unique combination of technology and consummate craftsmanship is redefining the tradition of the luxury.

We are redefining concepts,
mastering tradition and technology,
in a stunning new symbol of wealth.


This is how Maison Armillion understands tradition and legacy

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